In  a little departure from the New Zealand video game industry, I found a PDF from the Entertainment Software Association that has massive amounts of facts and figures for nearly all facets of the international gaming industry you might ever want to know. Sadly I could only find the one from last year, so the […]

Here is an article on the New Zealand Game Developers website about how PAX Australia is offering a space for Indie developers from Aussie and NZ at a reduced rate than normal.

Here is an article on Stuff about how you might be able to become the head of PlayStation NZ for a day as part of their promotion for inFamous: Second Son. If you want to find out how to apply, just go to this website.

Here is an article on about the newly released “mini-expansion” for Auckland-based game developer Grinding Gear Games latest game, Path of Exile, called Sacrifice of the Vaal. Here is the forum post about the release as well.

Here is an article on about a New Zealand man who is trying to help people with video game addictions.

An article on talks about how DayZ creator Dean Hall plans to leave Bohemia Interactive in Prague and return to NZ to start his own studio.

Here is an article on about how the New Zealand gaming industry has been valued at $162 million. Warning, it is pretty long. However, in a similar article on the New Zealand Game Developers Association website it is said that the industry is worth $300 million,so make of this what you will.